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Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

TTT Herbstlich Willkommen / TTT Welcome Autumn

Über Nacht ist es Herbst geworden. Durch die fallenden Nachttemperturen beginnt die Laubfärbung. Jetzt beginnt die schönste Zeit im Herbst. 
Herbstlich willkommen zur Teestunde.

Overnight it became autumn. With the falling night temperatures, the foliage begins. Now starts the best time in the fall.
A Fall Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday.


Die Sonnenblumenfelder stehen in schönster Pracht.

The sunflower fields are in perfect splendor.


Die Apfelbäume tragen schwer.

 The apple trees are heavy loaded with apples.


Sieht das nicht aus wie im Paradies?

Doesn't that look like in Paradise?


Ich habe Sonnenblumen und Äpfel für zuhause mitgebracht. Und der Türkranz schmückt diesmal die Obstschale.

I brought sunflowers and apples for home. And the door wreath adorns this time the fruit bowl.
Zum Tee gibt es heute einen Rotweinkuchen mit Cranberries.
 For Tea I serve a Cake with red wine and Cranberries.


Bitte, nimm doch Platz, ich schenke gleich den Tee ein.

 Please take a seat, I will pour the tea for us.


Als Tee habe ich den Apfel-Ingwer-Tee von Tea forté ausgesucht.

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We will have Apple-Ginger-Tea of Tea forté.


Ich hoffe, dir hat die Teestunde gefallen.
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I hope you liked this tea time.
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Schöne Grüße
Hugs and greetings,



  1. Hello Johanna,
    Happy Autumn! Your photos of the sunflowers and apple tree are wonderful! Love your pretty china pattern and the cake looks delicious. Would love to join you for tea. Thank you for stopping by and for your very sweet comment. You always say the nicest things! Have a beautiful day.


  2. Just beautiful Johanna! I love your fall photos. Your table looks lovely and the cake delicious! Happy Fall!

  3. Dear Johanna,
    I see you're back to tea time posts, like me... at last. Little by little, things are back to a routine...
    I loved this fall tea of yours, the delicious cake and the beautiful china and decorations. Thanks for sharing.
    What about Wiski? Still around in his cat life?
    All the best, dear friend.

  4. It's a very beautiful season to enjoy. Your cake and tea sound delicious and I would love to join you. Blessings. Pam

  5. Your fall wreath is very pretty Johanna and the apple trees look very happy this year-enjoy:@)

  6. hallo johanna, da hast du dir ja wieder viel mühe gemacht mit diesen bezaubernden naturfotos, sehr stimmungsvoll !! liebe grüße aus mühlheim von elvira p.

  7. Your fall wreath is lovely. And the sunflower s and apple trees give such a wonderful view of the fall. I wish my apple tree had been so heavy with fruit.

  8. Dearest Johanna,
    Well, I might be too late, making my blogger round and miss out on this delicous wine and cranberry cake! So attractive looking; as usual.
    That apple tree looks like a dream in your photo; pefect timing.
    Believe it or not; on Sunday we had lovely sunshine, I read 2 magazines on the balcony and after that it went to very chilly and windy, rainy days... brrr. It will be kind of rainy and such for the entire week. We'll see, it will get nicer again but this kind of hit us too.
    Cats are cranky when they cannot go outside to play... they too love sunshine!

  9. LOVELY autumn pictures!
    Have a great sunday...

  10. Gorgeous tea, Johanna! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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